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Return to top Where I refer to your router this may be configured as a separate high-speed modem connected to an external router or as an all-in-one combined modem/router supplied by your ISP (most common). Specific websites and ISPs can have outages that have nothing to do with your computer or its settings.

Try the following series of steps, in order, to see if this fixes your problem.

If the second computer has full access then your problem is localized to the first computer (you can skip any tests that don't deal with the computer itself).

Try rebooting your computer to see if that fixes the problem.

A network is a collection of computers and devices that are connected together, allowing them to share information. Most people connect to the Internet either via their home or work network (router) or via a free wireless service provide by a coffee shop or community broadband service or via their cellular provider.

If you have no Internet access a series of troubleshooting steps will help to determine where the breakdown is and how to resolve the problem.

If restarting your computer or device doesn't work, you'll have to verify each potential problem to verify that it is or isn't the problem until you restore access.

If you're not using your own network, you'll need to speak to the person responsible for that network for details on how to fix any issues.

If you're connected wirelessly you'll see a listing of available wireless networks.

Your Internet connection can include either or both wired and wireless connections (see terminology).

Whichever you're using, there is likely a router involved, whether it is your home network or a public network such as at a coffee shop or a business network, or a community wireless network).

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