Xampp css not updating

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That said, I have not had problems running my projects because they are all located in sub folders in the htdocs folder.As long as the server is running you should not have a problem. i emptied my browser cache no luck , still am being send to localhost/dashboard . Also check if your host file is not configured to map to localhost/dashboard Is this workshop helping you?i have tried localhost/xampp and that just sends me here (Index of /xampp [ICO] Name Last modified Size Description [PARENTDIR] Parent Directory - Apache/2.4.16 (i erased the content in here ) Server at localhost Port 80) .I have fallowed the instructions on how to download xampp , but when it comes down to the browser i get the dashboard page instead of the xampp page .EDIT: This is the line I added to the navigation so you don't have to read the entire file: Apache Friends and Bitnami are cooperating to make dozens of open source applications available on XAMPP, for free.

Below example uses primary key to match a record in employee table.

Try out following example to understand update operation.

You need to provide an employee ID to update an employee salary.

You can also administrator/ configure these services, view logs, etc.

XAMPP is free and easy to install Apache distribution. XAMPP Control panel (v3.2.2) is a plain, simple interface as shown below. XAMPP also shows the log (Check image) like, Attempting to start Apache app…Status change detected: running. PM [main] Initializing Control Panel PM [main] Windows Version: Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64-bit PM [main] XAMPP Version: 5.6.28 PM [main] Control Panel Version: 3.2.2 [ Compiled: Nov 12th 2015 ] PM [main] You are not running with administrator rights!

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