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Phenocrysts in the middle and late erupted phonolite magma crystallized shortly before eruption, and the lack of older crystals implies crystal removal through settling or resorption.Crystal ages from both crystal-rich and liquid-dominated parts of a magma system are thus complementary, and reveal different aspects of magma differentiation and residence timescales.number, this isn't a macro shot of the crystal caves that we've covered before, Or Superman's Fortress of solitude after a weekend bender (And on a completely unrelated note what amount alcohol would it take to send the Man of Steel on a bender? Those are the jagged incredibly tiny fibers that leap down your trachea and cancer punch your lungs the second you mess with this stuff.Everyone's favorite drug is often easily blamed for doing weird things to one's vision when hunting for random sexual partners in a crowded nightclub.How long is magma stored in subvolcanic reservoirs and how long does it take to evolve to highly differentiated compositions prior to eruption?Answers to these questions are relevant for understanding the pre-eruptive heat and mass transfer that control magmatic diversity and eruptive style, and in developing strategies for magma detection and eruption forecasting.

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Uranium-series carbonatite ages qualitatively agree with alkali feldspar compositions that lack prominent magmatic zonation, but show evidence for perthitic unmixing during subsolidus residence at elevated temperatures (720°C).

Carbonatites form a distinct population among plutonic ejecta that are present in the middle and late erupted Laacher See tephra.

Characteristic trace element patterns of the carbonatites, including negative Eu anomalies, and mantle-like oxygen isotopic compositions preserved in zircon indicate that the Laacher See carbonatites are cogenetic with their phonolite host.

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