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This handsome variety with pale green crinkled leaves forms a 10 to 12 inch diameter head similar to Iceberg, but much better flavor.Dating from the 1700s, this old French variety was created out of Silesia and still remains popular in traditional French and English kitchen gardens.

show the same immense growth rate as found elsewhere in the South, from 18,000 in 1980, to 20,000 in 1990, to four times that amount or 87,000 at the turn of the century; since then the population has doubled again to 186,000 by 2010.

Other arrivals in that period include Polish and other Slavic groups (Russians, Ukrainians, Czechs, Slovaks, and Yugoslavs among others), Scandinavians, Baltics, Greeks and other Middle Eastern groups, Romanians, Portuguese, and Hungarians.

Though Native Americans only number a few thousand DC residents, still the District is the appropriate place to locate the major museum featuring all the various Native American tribes or nations within the confines of our country.

Irish are found in significant numbers in all states but especially in (code tan) in the 1980 Census was still a strong contender for first place with Germans, but this abruptly changed by the 1990 Census when the rise of "American" as a designation became more pronounced in Appalachia and certain parts of our country. R.) comprise a portion of the county and are not contiguous with county boundaries, the Native American plurality of the county and reservation boundaries are marked (see Appendix 6).

The fading of English was not due to population decline (though birth rates have been lower for many white groups); perhaps it was due to the placing of English in a top position on self-reporting Census forms in 1980 (49.6 million English) in contrast to its placement in 1990 (32.7 million English).) include mainly Norwegians (with several plurality counties when taken singly) along with Swedes, Danes, and Icelanders and those who designate themselves as simply Scandinavians; this makes computations more difficult. The specified white population follows the Southern pattern of English, German, Irish, Scotch, and Scotch-Irish with far lower representations of other groups such as the French in the south and Italians, Greeks, Slavs, and Dutch in urban centers.

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