Wii froze while updating

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Link will continue wandering in a direction for a few seconds before the player regains control, which can significantly hamper the gameplay experience.

After testing, it seems that when the line of sight between console and Joy-Con is impeded, the console has huge problems reading the input of Joy-Con L.

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I’ve tested this myself in the console’s analogue stick calibration options and it’s clear that even by simply placing my hand over the controller the Switch has real trouble tracking the analogue stick input.

Nintendo has acknowledged the problem, and now has a fix: “A manufacturing variation has resulted in wireless interference with a small number of the left Joy-Con.

There’s an awful lot to love about the Nintendo Switch, but it’s not a perfect console.

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This stipulates that all products purchased online can be returned for up to 14 days.

So long as the seller didn’t specifically state that “dead pixels may occur in this product” (or similar), you should be covered.

The latest Nintendo Switch problem to rear its head is the ‘dead pixel’ issue, whereby users are noticing dark patches on their device’s touchscreen as a result of stuck or dead pixels.

This might be the most frustrating problem yet, as Nintendo is currently refusing to cop to it being a legitimate complaint.

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