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I know that because I went to the movies a lot back when they did; when you were more likely to stumble upon small budget films from first time directors with original vision like Spike Lee, Quentin Tarantino and Steven Soderbergh; back in a time when risks were taken to produce and release raw and impassioned works of cinematic art, regardless of their revenue potential.

The knowledge of this sad truth is part of what makes the authenticity of the so strikingly tangible.

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The twins co-wrote the track with its producer, Greg Kurstin, who had previously worked with them on the majority of their breakthrough album, Heartthrob (2013).Upon its release, "Boyfriend" was met with generally positive reviews and moderate commercial reception.In the duo's native Canada, the song entered the Billboard Canadian Hot 100 at number 92 and has impacted multiple national airplay charts.Inspired by a love triangle from Sara Quin's past in which she was dating a bisexual woman who had never dated another woman and was still also dating a man, "Boyfriend" also touches on LGBT themes including societal heteronormativity.On the relatability of the song, Sara Quin explained: "Obviously, being gay, there's sort of a bit of a gender twist in the song...

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