Who is sam dating in true blood

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Sweden used to be known for peace, Abba and long hours of daylight.These days, from the novels of the late Stieg Larsson to the cult film Let the Right One in, its dark side appears to be taking over the world.I would have tried, and I would have done it for a few more years probably, but I'm absolutely sure I wouldn't be acting today.I would have crashed and burned after a while.' He briefly considered becoming an architect – 'I spent a lot of time drawing buildings, even entire towns' – but changed his mind.It says a lot about society today and about how we relate to each other.' His appearances as Eric in the first series were few but mesmerising, and instantly propelled him to the status of the series' sex symbol.We are going to see a lot more of him in the second series. He also starred as Brad 'Iceman' Colbert in Generation Kill, HBO's acclaimed drama series about the US invasion of Iraq.

At the gates of the 15th-century manor house where the cast are staying, a small group of Swedish autograph hunters tell me that Skarsgård went out for a run an hour ago and has only just returned. The contrast with Eric, whose deathly pallor projects cold menace, is heightened by his friendliness, but common to both are the most striking pale-blue eyes.'I come from a family of pacifists, so it's not like I was going to join the war. There were a lot of really cool guys, but the mentality sometimes got a little too testosterone-fuelled for my tastes.' After he finished his national service in 1996, he and a friend left Sweden for Leeds Metropolitan University, where he studied English for six months.Sweden is not like the States or England where you might get sent to Afghanistan next month. 'We wanted to see the real England, so we just looked at a map. I still support Leeds United.' Ever since his national service, though, Skarsgård had been thinking about trying to act again.But after just six months he flew home to Stockholm. She broke up with me because it wasn't working out, and I was heart-broken. I spent six months creating her in my mind.' Skarsgård stayed in Sweden and began to pick up acting jobs there.'I had met this girl in Sweden three weeks before I went to New York. I thought, I can't do this, I miss her so much, I've got to go home. I got back and we hung out for a little while, but we were just too young and too different. He starred in soap operas and theatrical productions, as well as films.

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