Who is logan lerman dating white girls dating usa

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He describes himself as "Geek Movie" and "Creative Person".He had been booked for commercials while he was only four years old.a major player in a television production, alongside Calum Worthy.He has been described as a "promising newcomer" by critics.Logan Lerman appears as a prominent actor when performed in the American supernatural psychological thriller film ‘The Butterfly Effect’ in 2004 and received extensive fame in the showbiz arena.Logan Lerman is an internationally acclaimed American actor who has played the lead character in Percy Jackson's fantasy adventures.

The two men have been engaged for more than a year before separating in August 2015.

Logan wanted to be a director from an early age because he always liked working behind the camera.

However, he has reached peaks as an actor, his love for filmmaking is not yet acquired and he said his acting work was a stepping stone to becoming a director.

In 2014, he played the role of the soldier Norman Machine Ellison in the critically acclaimed American war movie, Furry.

Logan played one of the soldiers alongside Brad Pit in the heart of World War II.

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