Who is jaden smith dating

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Now, that the writing appears to be on the wall, no one in the hip-hop community is bothered or even surprised about Jaden and Tyler possibly being an item. More power to them but, if they’re not, this is one of the greatest trolling moments in hip-hop history.Tyler, The Creator and Jaden Smith have a unique relationship.In the past, Jaden Smith has worn dresses in Louis Vuitton campaigns and throughout his day-to-day life, raising questions about the 20-year-old’s sexuality.Smith has been connected to a plethora of young women in Hollywood, including Kylie Jenner but, never has the “Icon”-rapper and fashion aficionado been connected to any men until now.With the news breaking that the two, Jaden Smith doubled down on his claims that they were in a romantic relationship by repeating the statement on Twitter.Tyler caught wind of the claim and responded hours later, neither confirming or denying Smith’s allegations. There’s a strong possibility that Jaden Smith and Tyler, the Creator could be trolling the entire music industry or they could be hip-hop’s first openly gay hip-hop couple.

Both Tyler, 27, and Jaden, 20, have entertained rumors about their sexuality, and the latter went as far as to say that Tyler was his boyfriend during a 2018 concert. Read on to learn more about the artists and their connection below.In 2015, Rolling Stone journalist, Earnest Baker took to the road with Tyler, the Creator and his Odd Future gang and came to the revelation that the artist could, in fact, be homosexual.Baker thought so much about his supposed-discovery that he decided to ask the “Deathcamp” rapper right out if he was or not.Here’s what you need to know about Tyler and Jaden:.Despite this, Jaden said that he made a point of avoiding obvious comparisons, and tried to establish a sound of his own.“There are a lot of people that you can feel in there.

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