Who is condoleezza rice dating

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She graduated to the University of Denver as a music major but decided she did not want to end up teaching 13-year-olds "to murder Beethoven" and instead took up international relations.

She became a Soviet scholar, learned Russian and wrote her Masters dissertation on the Czechoslovak army.

Condoleezza Rice was born on November 14, 1954 in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

She is known for her work on 30 Rock (2006), Poodle Samizdat (2006) and God, Country, Notre Dame: The Story of Father Ted Hesburgh, C.

She is the only top aide to accompany George Bush to Camp David and the Texas ranch, where the Bushes regard her as family.At 38 she became by far the youngest Stanford provost and the first woman and first black American to hold the post.She was, however, no champion of affirmative action.She relaxes by watching American football or playing her Steinway grand piano. Two years ago, wearing a stunning off-the-shoulder black dress, she accompanied cellist Yo-Yo Ma before 2,000 people at a concert in Washington's Constitution Hall.Always immaculately turned out, Rice keeps two mirrors in her office to check the back of her hair.

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