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Anna has fantastic legs, and her feet are always meticulously groomed."Similar styles are available from the celebrity-favorite brand, of course..No time now, poor thing."That's the sort of loyalty and adoration Wintour inspires among her inner circle, which in addition to fashion icons includes a host of celebrities, athletes (Roger Federer called about lunch plans during her "73 Questions") and political insiders.

But if you're just some lower-level staffer at Best Sellers list and the movie rights were optioned immediately, it was Weisberger's heroine, Andy Sachs (and therefore Weisberger), who was criticized for coming off as just as much of a snob as anyone at And Streep certainly approached the character as a fully formed human being, not just a well-coiffed dragon lady, an "empty, shallow, bitter woman who has tons and tons of gorgeous clothes and not much else," as Weisberger wrote in the book."I...wanted a scene where she is without her armor, the unpeeled scene in the hotel room—just to see that face without it protective glaze, to glimpse the woman in the businesswoman," Streep recalled to for the film's 10th anniversary in 2016.

" speculation started almost 20 years ago, and has reappeared regularly ever since, all amounting to nothing. Coddington, whom Wintour called "the heart and soul of the magazine," stepped down in 2016 after 28 years as creative director. Not exactly the ice queen everyone's talking about—though she did wear sunglasses a lot of the time.

She was brought aboard when Wintour, whom she previously worked with at Festival in London in 2016 how she got along with someone as dominant as Wintour, the fiery-haired fashion icon quipped, "I'm older than she is."She's joking of course, one admiring colleague to another. about the reason she's almost never without a pair of sunglasses, usually Chanel and, these days at least, corrective.

Anna Wintour, who was all set to be Amb to Court of St James's & a big fundraiser for CH, is beside herself in grief & begging for forgiveness!

", which ended up apologizing for a misfire of a video in which a few staffers suggested Hillary Clinton take up knitting in her free time, or if Trump was knowledgeably singling her out because she's also a Condé Nast executive.

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