Who is audrey tautou dating

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Showcasing her acting skills at a very early age of 18, Audrey has also been nominated in prestigious awards including Cesar Award and BAFTA awards.

This model turned actress seems pretty exclusive on screens but her personal life still remains a mystery.

When I ask her to describe herself in a couple of words, she spends almost 15 minutes hmmming and ahhing until she gets it right. I don’t feel confident enough to show my things because I am very perfectionist. ’ Ahahaha.” On her way over to London, she left her laptop on Eurostar.

“I think the first word would be ‘wild’ – not like a party person, more in that I am untamed. She hadn’t made copies of any of her work, so she said to herself: “OK, if you don’t find it, that’s a sign that you have to” – she mimes slitting her throat – “and if you will find it, that means that you…

In the comedy Chinese Puzzle (out on 20 June), Tautou plays the love interest of a man who has recently been left by his wife.

It is set in New York, though is almost entirely in French, aside from the bits where Tautou’s character has to speak fluent Mandarin to a group of Chinese executives to whom she is trying to pitch (she learnt the language especially for the film).

As an actress my career went fast, but with my other artistic projects it is the opposite.” Does she like being able to work at her own pace?

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He is a real character.” But now, “I have been replaced by Brad Pitt,” she says with a Gallic shrug. I thought the sarong was nice, and it was the only thing I had that could look like a skirt, you know? “And I was thinking that an actress today would never be like that. A designer is going to give her a dress.” She describes the experience of Amélie as being like a “big fame tsunami. They think you can’t look after yourself, that they have to protect you. While we were doing the shooting we felt like we were eight years old.” There is even more laughter.

And I don’t get that many offers from America…” She scrunches up her button nose and smiles cheekily.

Her character’s husband has to embark on a series of increasingly crazy jobs to buy the flowers that he has been told will keep her alive, and as her health fades, so does the colour on the screen.

“I think people find it a mystery that I don’t have these Hollywood fantasies,” she tells me. There are strange elongated limbs, jumping shoes, a piano that turns into a cocktail maker.

“Not interesting ones, anyway.” We meet in a dark London hotel room on a bright Saturday morning.

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