Vba code screenupdating

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Has Formula Then" is another way of writing "If cell. I prefer the second way myself as it's clearer to me but many use the first way as it's 'slightly' more efficient, so they say.I have a very simple piece of code that will divert the selected cell to cell A1 (hidden behind a logo) so that the users will not see the frame of a selected cell, making this tool look less like an Excel file and more like a normal software program.

You can either download the example here, or create a new blank workbook, add around five worksheets to it and then copy the code shown below into a new module.This sub sits in a normal worksheet (not in modules folder or This Work Book part of the VB code).The problem is that the screen flickers 2-3 times for each click on the worksheet even with the Screen Updating value set to False. Please see code below: shg - Thanks for the quick reply! John It's my limited experience that when you use With... "Type Name" is an Excel function to determine what data type the parameter is. 9) There was created a variable named "cell" How the program does know that that range is the one which selected cell? We may use the word "Range" rather than the word "cell" For example in these statements; "Range.value = Str Conv Range. 8) There was created a variable named "Work Range" How the program does know that that range contains the range of "B3: B14"?

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