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If I disable the radio, my computer doesn't freeze.Also, it doesn't automatically freeze up as soon as I turn on the radio or connect to my network.

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Therefore I can't solve the problem by assigning Causes Validation to False in the form's closing event. So, "X" button in right upper coner of window now works properly - without causing validation - that's good.

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If i go from one textbox (with validation) to another, the validation event fires, and i cannot change focus, i.e. The behaviour i was looking for, should fire the validation events on the textboxes when i hit a "Create button", and not when i change focus from one textbox to another. ep Product Name is an Error Provider: private void txt Product Name_Validating(object sender, Cancel Event Args e) //Submit button click event private void btn Submit_Click(object sender, Event Args e) method.

You can track whether validation should occur and only allow validation when you want it Or you can use manipulate the Causes Validation property on all your controls.

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