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• enable Client Script—If you set this property to true, the control will attempt to generate client-side Java Script to perform the validation, if the browser supports it. • display—Validation controls are invisible by default.They are displayed only if an error occurs, in which case they may cause other page elements to move on the page.

Here’s an example of a phone number property as a simple string using the enumeration method of validation: used interchangeably in C# code, and since the first usage is shorter many developers turn to it as a matter of habit.Figure 8.11 Using Required Field Validator control Figure 8.11 Using Required Field Validator control Entering an age outside of the permissible range results in the error message shown in figure 8.12.Need to validate the length (8 to 16 feet) from a user prompt. You can access all the commonly used HTML controls through the HTML tab in the Visual Studio . You can drag these controls to a Web Form and set their properties in the Properties window.The Web Forms infrastructure provides a selection of validation controls that you can use to validate user input, and display error messages to the user.

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