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Easiest Solution I've found: After installing the My SQL package for Mac OS X Snow Leopard (check whether you have a 32bit or 64bit processor).

Can always default to the 32bit version to be safe.

I finally just typed mysqld from command line while I was in the proper bin directory. _mysql was spawning a process that I could see in the Activity Monitor.3)sudo chown -R root:wheel /Library/Startup Items/My SQLCOM/ didn't solve my problem. I was using find / | grep because locate mysql wasn't finding anything.I ended up having that folder and all items set to root:wheel though in the end, because it was one of the many things recommended and its working. Besides I was trying so many different things it wasn't updating enough to find my new installs.not /tmp/but /tmp It was suggested but wasn't working because there was no because mysqld wasn't spawning. Without anything to start mysqld and thereby create I was doomed.2)Basedir and datadir modifications didn't work because there was no to point too. They are an important part of the solution but if you try them and still get errors, you will know why. I had searched and searched my new machine and couldn't find

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