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Painter is a long-established digital art favourite among illustrators, but, thankfully, Corel has finally brought its brush technology to Photoshop with Particle Shop.

Brushes can make a huge difference to your creativity and productivity, and this powerful Photoshop plugin offers non-destructive brushstroke layer support and 11 updated brushes, including Debris, Fabric, Fine Art, Fur, Hair, Light, Space, Smoke and Storm.

As it’s been around for such a long time, Photoshop has support from thousands of plugins.

It can be bewildering trying to sort through the array of options available, so we've selected the cream of the crop that you can download and use straight away.

Fontself Maker lets you turn any image or vector layer into colourful bitmap fonts using Photoshop CC 2015.3 and above.

It’s worth noting that if you want to create vector-based fonts, the plugin can also be purchased for Illustrator.

Although it’s now getting a little long in the tooth, this cost-effective tool features over 200 functions in one panel, including seven frequency separation methods, four fast-retouch methods, and 15 tools for local retouching.

And once output, it’s all compiled into one handy folder to keep everything neat and tidy.

This workflow helps ensure that the final product is an accurate interpretation of your design, rather than a developer’s approximation.

It’s also worth noting that this Photoshop plugin is free, but the developers suggest you make a donation to Water4 if you enjoy using it.

Available for both Photoshop and After Effects, Contrastica is a smart contrast intensifier.

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