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The old model averaged 22.32 Mbps downstream, 2.3 Mbps up and 32 ms latency, with -73 d Bm signal (RSSI) strength.

The new router returned essentially the same performance with an average 22.55 Mbps downstream, 2.33 Mbps up, 29 ms latency and -69 d Bm signal strength.

Curious whether the router offered better internet performance, I compared bandwidth and wireless radio strength tests both using the old Airport Extreme base station and the all new Air Port Extreme.

Results were only marginally improved using the new model with my two-year-old Mac Book Pro, which proved consistent whether using 802.11g or 802.11n connection technologies.

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Plus, I think its power source was struck by lightning a few weeks ago. Having previously read positive reviews of Apple's new 9 Air Port Extreme, which boasts 802.11ac performance and beamforming technology, I picked one up.

Just wanted to update and possibly get better performance.

I already have the Air Port utility running and it sees the Base Station.

You will see a red badge with a number 1 next to the Air Port in Air Port Utility if a firmware update is available in the future.7.6.4 has not been updated for a few years, so it is unlikely that it will see any future updates.7.7.3 will likely be updated in the near future. I have 7.7.3 running my late '14 installed AE, have been experiencing really slow browser performance after updating my i Phone 6s to i OS 9.2.

Hopefully this'll be resolved with an upcoming update to either/both devices.

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