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But it takes a little getting used to, and reading the tutorials on the Net Beans web site will be helpful.

) between Windows and other systems - namely Unix and OS X (see Handling Line Ends) - it is of the utmost importance that all Windows users adopt the following settings for their development environment.

The basic process is to pull the most recent copies from the main JMRI repository, doing any merging that's needed if you've made conflicting changes, and then pushing that up to your own Git Hub repository.

To do this, use the Net Beans [Team] - [Pull from Upstream] menu choice.

Actually the plug-in is already available in the Net Beans distribution, so go to , where you should see something like this (versions might differ): Once the plug-in has been installed and activated, it is necessary to configure it for the desired line ending character(s), via the .

The plug-in may be enabled via a button in the toolbar. When a file is saved (assuming the plug-in is configured and is enabled) and that file has line-endings which do not match the type configured for the plug-in, the following message pops up.

This can happen regardless of the amount of memory your machine has, unless you take steps to re-configure Netbeans.

By default, Netbeans uses a strategy to allocate a given amount of "Heap" space which is insufficient for projects which are as large as JMRI.

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He's been a professional programmer for over 25 years.When "OK" is selected, the plug-in updates the line-endings to the configured form and saves the file.If "CANCEL" is selected, the file will be saved WITHOUT changing any line-endings.Having each small change separately recorded can be incredibly helpful later on if you have to track down where a problem was introduced.From time to time, you should update your local copy of the code to match the current "HEAD" of the main JMRI Git repository contents.

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