Updating modules and themes requires ftp access to your server Dinatale videos pictures flirt4free

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It needs work that I haven't found the time to put in. As for the port issue, no, there is no other process running, no Apache or similar, only Nginx, albeit four processes there are (see below). .00 nginx: master process /usr/local/sbin/nginx 6253 ?? I've configured Drupal to be accessed by the webserver root, and Piwik via but all I'm receiving when opening the latter URL is a Drupal message stating Another thing I've just discovered: when trying to upload an picture, eg.

for creating a product, Drupal is displaying a "Starting upload" message, but then it gets stuck, at the very beginning, and nothing is happening beyond that point.

Rebuilding will remove all privileges to content and replace them with permissions based on the current modules and settings.

Rebuilding may take some time if there is a lot of content or complex permission settings. Enabled The domain module is configured to override site names with the names of domains.

Upload progress nginx Enabled (upload progress module ) Views PDF - FPDI Present Views PDF - FPDI Template File Present Views PDF - TCPDF Present Web server nginx/1.3.5 XML sitemap Last attempted generation on Mon, 10/09/2012 - (4 days 2 hours ago). :htaccess|make|txt|engine|inc|info|install|module|profile|po|sh|.)" 2012/09/15 [debug] 27412#0: *1 using configuration "/" 2012/09/15 [debug] 27412#0: *1 http cl:-1 max:10485760 2012/09/15 [debug] 27412#0: *1 rewrite phase: 3 2012/09/15 [debug] 27412#0: *1 rewrite phase: 4 2012/09/15 [debug] 27412#0: *1 post rewrite phase: 5 2012/09/15 [debug] 27412#0: *1 generic phase: 6 2012/09/15 [debug] 27412#0: *1 generic phase: 7 2012/09/15 [debug] 27412#0: *1 generic phase: 8 2012/09/15 [debug] 27412#0: *1 generic phase: 9 2012/09/15 [debug] 27412#0: *1 limit conn: B7CA6CC6 1 2012/09/15 [debug] 27412#0: *1 add cleanup: 00007FADDC008300 2012/09/15 [debug] 27412#0: *1 access phase: 10 2012/09/15 [debug] 27412#0: *1 access phase: 11 2012/09/15 [debug] 27412#0: *1 post access phase: 12 2012/09/15 [debug] 27412#0: *1 try files phase: 13 2012/09/15 [debug] 27412#0: *1 http script var: "/admin/content/file" 2012/09/15 [debug] 27412#0: *1 trying to use file: "/admin/content/file" "/Volumes/MHData/Web/apps/Drupal/admin/content/file" 2012/09/15 [debug] 27412#0: *1 trying to use file: "@drupal" "/Volumes/MHData/Web/apps/[email protected]" 2012/09/15 [debug] 27412#0: *1 test location: "@drupal" 2012/09/15 [debug] 27412#0: *1 using location: @drupal "/admin/content/file?

updating modules and themes requires ftp access to your server-60

updating modules and themes requires ftp access to your server-31

updating modules and themes requires ftp access to your server-1

updating modules and themes requires ftp access to your server-58

Please ensure that the files directory is correctly configured and that the webserver has permission to create directories.Apart from this I've got homebrew in place, providing :: Maria DB 5.3.8 :: PHP 5.4.6 (php-cgi) :: Drush 5.7 For configuring Nginx I followed Persia's Drupal7 setup, but somehow it didn't work out (eg.Drupal all of a sudden complained about some erroneous code; Upload Progress not enabled; updating the site via the web front end resulted in having to provide ftp credentials [which-btw-I haven't got], and after updating using drush, the whole site went south) !It may be useful to copy and paste this information into support requests filed on drupal.org's support forums and project issue queues.Drupal 7.15 (X) TCPDF directory Non-writable permissions You must change the public://print_pdf/ print_pdf_tcpdf/cache permissions to be writable, as TCPDF requires write-access to that directory.

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