Updating kitchen cabinets using decorative molding

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Which looks nice for a while, but then just creates more work cleaning the dusty and greasy items on display!I knew that replacing all of the old cabinets for ones that were taller would be very expensive.

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Other times, custom crown molding can be made so the cabinets appear flush with the ceiling.

You can browse our photo gallery to view the difference between cabinets that have crown molding as trim and those that don't to see which style you prefer for your kitchen.

It can also be attractive to leave space between the cabinet top and the molding piece.

In this case, you don't want to have any space between the crown molding and the cabinets as it will make your kitchen appear smaller.

Even customers with higher ceilings often choose this look as the crown molding becomes a part of the cabinetry and can make it look that much more rich.

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