Updating hotmail

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A: "The simple fact is that many people are attached to their email address.We do expect a certain number to want a new address (which is great); others will want to keep their Hotmail address.Existing Hotmail, MSN, and Live users can upgrade to by keeping the email address, password, contacts, and old emails.To upgrade to Outlook.com, sign-in to your Hotmail, simply click Upgrade option present in the Options menu to explore the new email service.Whenever you receive mail to your old address, you will see it in your inbox or the newly created folder.Account information such as contacts, photos, and documents will switch to your new address within a few days.

Hotmail users, once they move (or are moved) will get Outlook.com's clean, Metro-Style interface for their mail -- and ultimately, calendars.

Either is fine since they will all get to use the new service," a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed.

Q: When will Microsoft update the calendar in so that it is Metro-Style, instead of Hotmail-Style?

You will be asked to enter your account password again to continue.

Type in your new address and click the Save button.

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