Updating fedora from command line dating arbuda in usa

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So for the curious fans of Fedora, let’s jump in directly about the new features in Fedora 27 along with the steps to upgrade from Fedora 26 to Fedora 27 workstation.

Fedora 27 has some prominent changes when compared to Fedora 26 and some of the important features are listed below: We can see some new and interesting concepts being added with every Fedora release and Fedora 27 is no different, as it comes banging with the latest version of GNOME 3.26 desktop environment bundled with the Fedora 27 release.

It is pretty much simple and takes only a few minutes to get you started with Fedora 27 workstation.

Fedora 27 also brings in the latest version of 8 along with a preview of Java 9 tech.

Also, fedora 27 comes integrated with Perl 5.26 and Golang 1.9.

The development process of Fedora 27 around February 2017 and the beta version got released on October 2017.

Originally the release was meant to be in three versions including Fedora 27 Workstation Edition, Fedora 27 Server Edition and Fedora 27 Atomic Host.

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