Updating brass shower doors

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Even if it never happens, it makes us both on edge whenever we think about it, and that's not a feeling I want either starting or ending my day.

What I really enjoy is a shower big enough to not need either, but the draft makes me appreciate a heating lamp in the shower. The one time I got to customer design my bath, it had touches like that which mean more to me than any color plan.

Make sure your curtain — or at least the outer fabric section — can be washed at home, so any hint of mildew or staining can be nipped in the bud.2. Simply put, shower curtains can instantly inject a blast of color, print and personality with the minimum of fuss, expense and effort.

And even better, when you’re tired of the look, the curtain can be replaced with one in an altogether different style.

Totally enclosed showers using poly-carbonite seals will effectively seal in steam from steam generators.

Be bold with color in the bathroom and remember, you don’t have to stick with top-to-bottom white for a fresh feel.

I love the brave accents of acid yellow in this bathroom, which glow against the 3. Roll-top baths with a shower fitted above can be notoriously difficult to pull off — particularly when it comes to dealing with water spills and splashes. Hands up if you think shower curtains are a thumbs-down for the modern bathroom.

A useful feature of hinges used on most frameless shower doors is the ability to remain in a hold-open position for the shower to ventilate during the day. Floor damage from toilets, showers, and baths can be a real issue.

This studio picture from Alumax is a great example of the use of a towel bar and handle combination. We are an Alumax dealer for framed and sliding semi-frameless shower doors. Frameless showers are not considered water tight nor are framed shower enclosures for that matter.

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