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After she and her husband auditioned for the show, they were asked to fly to Los Angeles for filming. A., the claim alleges, the defendants “attempted to enter into a contractual relationship with Mary, a minor, all without the consent and/or supervision of her parents.” Jane Doe claims that the producers coached her daughter “to act embarrassed and annoyed by her parents’ performance.” After allegedly humiliated Doe and her husband on-camera, Banks allegedly “physically manipulated and verbally abused Mary.Banks shook Mary’s shoulder, pulled Mary’s hair back and physically manipulated Mary.On Thursday, it was announced the Tyra Banks was returning to “America’s Next Top Model” — a show she created — after a one season hiatus.Over the show’s 23 cycles (seasons), there have been numerous judging panel and format changes, including a short-lived fan voting system, and the introduction of male models.She should consider keeping the show’s “contestant-as-brand” bent (models with strong traditional portfolios, social media presences, and on-camera/messaging skills), and share some of her own insights. Heidi Klum on “Project Runway”) feels forced and takes the focus away from the contestants. Bring back the overseas trip An overseas trip may be out of the question, given Banks’ busy shooting schedule with “ANTM” and “America’s Got Talent” (Cycle 22’s exotic destination was … A trip would give the contestants exposure to international fashion markets (Rome and Seoul were former destinations).If the “Real Housewives” can manage a trip each season, “Top Model” should be able to. More spiders and other creepy crawlies Who can forget the tarantula shoot from Cycle 3? Bring back actual fashion shoots that focus on beauty, instead of say, music video challenges (in which there were TWO last season). Drop the guys Cycle 23 returned to the all-girls format (Cycles 20-22 featured male models).

" Well, if they did like her before, they probably don’t now. Cycle 23’s contestants were some of the most model-esque of the series (“Australia’s Next Top Model” has strict requirements, and its winners work for many top fashion brands). While mastering facial expression and body movement are critical to modeling, they can be taught without the overuse of terms like “smize” and “tooch the booch.” 1.Bring back the theme song One of Banks’ products we wish would come back is the theme song which she whispers, “Wanna Be On Top?That special honor was awarded to a contestant named Chelsey, who Banks ordered to have her natural tooth gap widened so that she would look more like Lauren Hutton.Of course, all of these elective (if not entirely consensual) procedures were a small price to pay to be in the running to become America’s Next Top Model, listening to Tyra Banks utter those five magic words: “Noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker.” hosting gig (more on that later), she’s allegedly continued to terrorize reality TV contestants.

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