Tips on dating a boy

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However, men are often portrayed inaccurately, which can cause a lot of confusion.There are a few simple things to keep in mind when you begin dating that can help you keep your girlfriend (or boyfriend) happy.Doing so sets you up to have the relationship you're looking for, without being misleading. To figure out if the person you're dating is interested in keeping it casual or being official, ask them what they expect for the relationship and share what you want. If not, you must decide if this is the right relationship for you.You can say something like, "I really like dating you, but want to keep things casual." or "I really like dating you and want to know if you'll be my girlfriend." Remember, being in lust creates a different relationship than being in love does.Check in with each other if you are unsure about anything, especially when it comes to anything sexual.Even though it can feel awkward to chat about hooking up before doing so, it ensures that you both are comfortable doing so and aren't feeling pressured.If you feel lost or bored at school, spend some time getting into things that interest you.Doing so can help you figure out what makes you feel good.

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If you struggle to manage time, set your phone sleep screen to a clock and make sure you always have access to a clock.Before hooking up with someone else, think about whether you want to keep dating your current girlfriend (boyfriend).Repairing the damage that cheating brings is really challenging and not fun at all.Learning how to give and earn respect from your peers and the adults in your life can take you pretty far.Although hormones and brain development can make self-control a bit more challenging during this time, practice making thoughtful decisions.

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