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“We will support and vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House in the 116th Congress.”Some of the seven are making abrupt reversals.Just last week a spokesman for Ryan — who challenged Pelosi for House Democratic leader in 2016 —told Roll Call, “He isn’t looking for any deals.” And Vela’s spokeswoman told Roll Call he would be voting for someone other than Pelosi and “nothing can change his mind between now and the floor vote.”But with those seven members now planning to support her in a Jan.The limit she has agreed to will prevent her from serving as speaker beyond another four years.“This proposal, which was developed by Members who care about the institution of the House of Representatives, would provide that Members in senior leadership positions can serve 3 terms with an additional term with two-thirds support of the Caucus,” Pelosi said in a statement.(It is likely, though, that she has the support of some of those who have been quiet.)Reps.Kathleen Rice of New York and Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania both confirmed Wednesday the term-limit deal wouldn’t change their minds about opposing Pelosi.A source close to Pelosi said she didn’t need this deal to seal her position as speaker, but she wants the biggest vote possible and as much unity as she can muster.

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Not that they’d want to hold on to their current posts when Pelosi gives up the gavel — they’d likely be interested in running for the top spot themselves if they haven’t retired by then. John Lewis said he is opposed to imposing term limits on leadership and predicted the caucus would likely reject the proposal. But the New York Democrat noted that debate over it is likely to be contentious.Jeffries said Pelosi had not talked to him about the proposal but he has “agreed with her perspective that to lame-duck herself would not be advantageous as it relates to her leadership and the institution of the House of Representatives.”“That’s been her position from the very beginning, and I support that view,” he said.Clyburn of South Carolina — the limits would be retroactive, meaning the two terms they all served in the majority from 2007 through 2011 would count toward their total.If the Democratic Caucus were to adopt the proposal, Pelosi, Hoyer and Clyburn could only serve for two more terms if they run for their leadership posts again in 2020 and can get two-thirds support of the caucus.

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