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I have several friends who had similar plans and experiences, but I also have friends that came for a year, had differing opinions of their first year, and moved home.In my very humble opinion, living in Taiwan and dating in Taiwan is as easy or difficult as you want to make it.

You will learn so much about Taiwanese and Chinese culture, your own culture, and even yourself.After moving to and living in Taiwan, if you aren’t already married or dating someone, establishing a social life is inevitable.While there is always the chance that you may end up finding a boyfriend or girlfriend with a similar background as your own, chances are that you will end up in an intercultural relationship.It tends to be more of an issue in younger relationships, as the longer you are together with someone, you find it easier to read their non-verbal communication.That being said, even non-verbal communication can be misunderstood, especially inter-culturally.

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