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It is well-known on campus as a rendezvous for secret lovers., although its correct name is Astraea Dormitory, named after Astraea Hill.

The building is a triangular shape, allowing for the segregation of students from the three schools; each section is about the same size.

As we’ve been informed just a few days ago, Manga Gamer has localized two yuri Visual Novels, one of them being none other than Okujou no Yurirei-san, or Kindred Spirits on the Roof, as it’s called in English.

S., the dating sim, a game featuring simulations of young women in romantic — or sexual — relationships, is a popular game genre in Japan.

The original artist was Chitose Maki, who was succeeded by Namuchi Takumi when production of the manga and light novels began.

While walking around the grounds trying to work out where she is, Nagisa comes across an older student named Shizuma Hanazono, who happens to be Astraea Hill's Etoile, a very important person who acts as a representative between the different schools and has specific duties that she must fulfill.

Nagisa is instantly overcome by Shizuma's beauty, and after Shizuma kisses her on the forehead, Nagisa loses consciousness and awakens in the school's infirmary.

If there is an odd number of students enrolled in a given year, one of the new students must live alone until a student in their year transfers into their school. Miator after being transferred from another school.

The building's name is based on its similarity to the cross-section of a strawberry viewed from above. was initially created, the three schools were arranged in a triangle, with the Strawberry Dorms in the center, and the dormitory was not a single building but three separate dormitories also arranged in a triangle around a central courtyard. revolves around the lives of the adolescents who attend one of three affiliated all-girl schools which share a campus and dormitories. On first entering the campus grounds, she is overcome with joy by the overall appearance of the surrounding area, but her joy is soon turned to sorrow as she accidentally stumbles down a hill, causing her to be lost and disoriented.

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