Sophia bush and austin nichols dating timeline for dating

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Although, it’s really those wonderful moments when love stories begin on TV and carry into real life that can make a show that much more endearing.It’s clear this network not only has a knack for casting, but it also proves to have a pretty solid record when it comes to matchmaking.

Valentine’s Day may be behind us, but love is always in the air; which is a sentiment that seems to ring true especially for stars of the CW.Queen Mary Stuart and Louis Condé ended up in the midst of a tortured love affair, leaving fans craving more, yet knowing the relationship was doomed from the start.The Australian star and the British actor reportedly began their real-life love affair back in 2014.Audiences watched the pair have to fight for the relationship, overcome hardships and finally triumph.In the end, they would marry, raise two sons and go on to live happily ever after.

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