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I found the contact of a dom from my research and started messaging her for some tips and ideas which has since evolved in to a great friendship.I was amazed at the different types of humiliation.But he wasn't doing this, he wanted to do it with me. He had given me a few ideas but not very much to go by. It petered out to nothing and I think we were both a little disappointed by the experience.I started to realise that his request actually didn't bother me that much at all and I was making it into a bigger deal than it should have ever been. We put the cue in the rack for a few months after this but I decided I owed it to him to try a bit harder so I took the initiative and started reading a bit about it on the net (not as easy as it is today as it was still a bit primitive back then).I couldn't get the idea out of my head of what my friends would think of me if they knew what we got up to. Not really but with in the context of what I had heard from the therapist, I also didn't feel repulsed by my husband's requests. If he wanted to change it up, it would be easy for him to go and find someone else to do it with.But as this woman was showing me, the same could probably be said if I knew what they were up to. A change in partner would provide the excitement he was after. I called him names but felt weird doing it and hardly very convincing.

"Every couple at your point of the relationship will have something out of the box that they will be doing. Sexual relationships need the spark and kick to keep it exciting." It was her next line however that will stay with me forever.I was the one in for the shock however when we sat down with the therapist."There's nothing abnormal about that," replied the therapist when I had finished my tirade against my husband. Perhaps she didn't understand the sort of sordid requests he was asking from me.I also discovered that there are two forms of humiliation.One in which the sub enjoys the experience and one in which he dislikes what he's being asked to do.

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