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Annoying as the captcha systems are, they have been successful in keeping bots out, until recently.

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If Jerry's smart he could use this as a rallying cry." Still, you could say the mood at Yahoo is mixed.

For some who fear that they will be laid off in the coming 7 percent cutbacks , Microsoft's proposed takeover bid just gums up the works even more.

Ok la, hari ni aku nak kongsi sikit mengenai Kebaikan Penyusuan Susu Ibu & Kebaikan Penyusuan Susu Ibu Untuk Ibu yang aku baca dari buku nota yang dikeluarkan oleh Pusat Maklumat Pemakanan Jabatan Kesihatan Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur & Putrajaya.

Kim made comments about Kenya's new marriage being fake ...

and Kenya fired back that Kim had pimped out her daughter to get John Legend tickets.

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