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She finally builds up the courage to share a serious desire with her lover ...For an artist who has built her career on songs about love, lust and heartache, Keys has never sounded quite as vulnerable and exposed as she does here." Allison Stewart from The Washington Post neither praised nor criticised the song but simple said that Drake's appearance was pointless."[It fulfills] some sort of unspoken requirement that every female R&B album contain an appearance by at least one cool-but-unthreatening hip-hop star." Molly Lambert from Pitchfork considered the song as the 64th best song of the year saying: "Alicia Keys always puts out one perfect song per album.You can also use our new A/I face masks to video chat anonymously by covering your face with a virtual mask.

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Concepcion said "the singer/pianist goes from entertaining puppy love to confessing deeper emotions.Alicia Keys is an American born recording artist, pianist, record producer, songwriter, producer and actress, widely known for her commercially successful album 'Songs in A Minor' that won the best selling new and R&B artist in the year 2001.Born in Manhattan, in New York City, she is the only child of mother Teresa, a former part time actress and father Craig Cook, a flight attendant.Alicia has been married and is living with her child and husband in New York City.She had been surrounded by rumors regarding her sexuality as well as her relationship with her husband.

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