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” “The first time a triple-roast of deboned poultry was called a ‘Turducken’ was supposedly in 1985 at Hebert’s Meats in Maurice, Louisiana,” says food blogger and history professor H. That said, the turducken’s legacy has expanded well beyond Louisiana.For years, John Madden would reference eating turduckens around Thanksgiving, leading to comic Frank Caliendo’s bird-obsessed Madden character on . Gresham was wanted for First Degree Murder and Use of a Weapon to Commit a Felony following an investigation into the homicide of Audrea Craig in Lincoln, Nebraska. James announced today the arrest of 19-year-old homicide suspect Charles Gresham of Omaha in Independence, MO.

Given that the Romans had a recipe for a cow, stuffed with a pig, stuffed with a goose, stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken, it stands to reason that somewhere along the line, turduckens were served for the occasions that didn’t quite call for a, um, , has a dish that called for turkey, goose, fowl, partridge and pigeon.

Despite our somewhat sick fascination with the ‘Turducken,’ though, it’s just a word.

The dish itself is actually a fairly rudimentary example of a centuries-old tradition known as “engastration,” i.e., stuffing one animal into another.

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