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We had our 1st proper massive fight in the whole 5 years we have been together and he promised he would never hurt me again and that I am his rock, his best friend, his soul mate and the love of his life and he was being inconsiderate of my feelings .But Something just wasn’t feeling right in my mind and I knew he was lying about what he had been doing.He is everything to me, my best friend, my husband, my life. He shut down all 3 profiles and his email account in front of me. A man just does not get physically sick like that due to emotions.

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You know my boyfriend and I went through this EXACT same situation...He says he only ever went on a couple of times when he had had an awful day and that it made him feel better to exaggerate his life -a nice car, big house etc.He says he never talked dirty and at the most a bit flirty (which I find hard to believe on an online dating site) and he was never turned on by anyone.Not all married men who have gone on online dating services are bad, you don't have to end things.There is marriage counselling and therapy, both which could save your marriage.

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