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It is not uncommon for users to have to download and use, upwards of dozens of times, the amount of resources than would actually be required for the equivalent visual result.

Certain areas have guidelines for script usage, which helps reduce lag by reducing resources used server-side, but does nothing to alleviate the primary issue above.

In France, a conservative family union, Familles de France, sued Linden Lab in June 2007, alleging that Second Life gave access to minors to sexual content, including bondage, zoophilia and scatophilia, as well as gambling, and advertisements for alcohol, drugs or tobacco.

Linden Lab pointed out that the virtual world is not meant for children (people under the age of 18) because of the mature content and what happens within Second Life.

The USA has attempted to pass several laws forbidding simulated child pornography, however, each one has been struck down by the US Supreme Court as an infringement on the First Amendment right to free speech.

As of May 2007, two such countries, Germany and Belgium, have launched a police investigation into Age of Consent-related offenses in Second Life (including both trading of non-virtual photography and involuntary virtual sexual activity with childlike avatars by means of virtual identity theft).

In Second Life, users can do almost anything that they can do in their physical lives.

To differentiate between minors and adults, the software relies solely on the information given by the users upon registration.The ability for a single real individual to create an unlimited number of accounts for free could have the effect of highly exaggerating the "residence" figures.Blogs and forum posts regularly allege exaggerated membership and performance claims.A single region (65536 m causing some popular locations such as teleportation points to become inaccessible at times.It is possible for an area of land a Resident has paid for to become inaccessible because another area in the same region has exhausted the avatar limit.

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