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But, it is reliable and easy when you just need to type one word. The next extension does this job for you with a press on the mouse.

Chrome: Right-click on the webpage you want to find the date for. Finitimus (beta) is a handy little browser add-on that can do it for you with a click. The quick check is useful when the webmaster excludes the date of publication from the page you are reading.

They can be news posts, software reviews, health information, or even an Apple rumor that is short-lived.

So, we have two jobs in front of us: Let’s find solutions for both as they are inter-twined. You might have noticed on a typical result page that Google does not always include publication dates next to the results. This comes from permalinks, bylines, page metadata, sitemap, comments, Word Press, SEO plugins, and themes which add the timestamp etc.

Use advanced Google search operators to search for your forefathers.

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So, there’s a good chance that this will catch new results.But authority of the content trumps it in many instances. But as you are on this post, I am sure you want to leapfrog over the old results and search by date for the latest on Google.As a reader, you want to see dates for some kind of content.To Google’s credit, they have improved the algorithm a lot.Freshness is a ranking signal now after the slew of updates since 2011 to Google Search. For some queries, older information may be more trustworthy.

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