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I'm not really sure why I decided to join cross-country in the sixth grade - probably to prove something to myself. I finished out the entire season like the trooper I was.

At every race, I came in last, and the eighth graders threw acorns at me, but hey . In high school, I developed a crush on a boy in my band class. I still cringe when I think about our makeout sessions in the band hall (we didn't give a care in the world who saw us, unless it was the band teacher), but I cringe fondly.

Do your research, then talk to a dermatologist to see what makes sense for your skin and your wallet.

Jaliman says people most often seek professional help with depressed, sunken scars.

Icepick scars are thin, deep scars common for those with cystic acne. Rolling acne scars are broad divots in the skin with rounded, or rolling edges.

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Cut to size and apply the adhesive silicone sheet, wear it until it falls off.So we went to the experts: Are all scars really permanent — and what can we do to make them fade away?New York City dermatologist Debra Jaliman gave us the details on the different scars and treatments available. Identify What Type of Scar You Have Your genetics and skin type determine whether your skin scars easily, and what type of scar you’re likely to get.None had a single mean comment to make about my scars. Along with the scars, my nose isn't straight, I'm as pale as a ghost, and my cheeks are serious chubby bunnies. A bit worn down, maybe, but fine all the same." data-reactid="54"If you have scars - no matter how big or what injury or condition was the cause for them - I encourage you to wear those bad boys with pride.Since journalism requires me to do my research, I recently sent a message to one of the exes. After all, it's pretty kickass that you went through something so frightening and came out the other end just fine.

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