Savings bond wizard not updating

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In Windows Vista you can also set the options to import pictures using Windows to do this automatically when you plug in your camera.

unfortunately, there is no scan and camera wizard like there was in Windows XP, included in Windows Vista or Windows 7.

I am presuming that this fix is just for a Windows XP computer. poc Id=&freetext=autoplay&Display Lang=en Now I would like to tell you about a new technology that can help you transfer your photos to your computer.It is a Eye-fi SD card that can be inserted into your camera, if your digital camera takes ST cards.Then when you want to transfer your photos, if you have a wireless connection available, you do not need any cords to move the photos from the camera to the computer.You will also have to turn the power button on for the camera.A computer cannot recognize it unless the power is on the camera.

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