Rubber sex dating

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As far as I know, nobody is designing a four-legged sex doll. Because what we’re normally attracted to is other men and women, and so any successful love-making machine is going to be designed in that image.That being said, we do seem to want either fully realistic features or features that clearly let you know that this is a robot.But let’s be honest, getting into the discussion of whether a computer can love and create emotional bonds is a discussion of consciousness, and that debate has been raging for some time now, with strong arguments on either side. What’s more, the ethical and moral concerns are going to be nightmares.

But here’s an important point — in the near future, chances are these love machines can be designed exactly to your liking. One company attempting such feats is True Companion, whose Roxxxy doll, released in 2010, can be customized to your liking.

The idea probably makes many people recoil in disgust.

The image of some cold, emotionless, steel-grey human-like figure getting into bed with you, ready to fulfill all your deep dark and weird desires. They show very little signs of life, and aren’t going to take you out on a date without attracting a lot of attention.

Even ancestral humans strayed enough to mix our genes with that of the neanderthals — but this is hardly a large leap, more like sleeping with a distant cousin, or, given that there are no neanderthals left, perhaps a one night stand we instantly regretted. Compared to other species we’re exceptionally smart, we also have remarkably strange sexual behaviors. Not only are we one of the few species that attempts to be monogamous, but we deliberately circumvent nature’s true purpose with rubber sheaths, we engage in same sex relationships, we substitute people for expensive phallic toys, or opt for the company of inflatable dolls with what look like expressions of shock.

And this is without going into detail about some of the strange personal preferences we have while in the sack.

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