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So let's try this again) - Tess, used to be Max's wife on home planet, . In the episode 'Off the Menu,' she is one of the people taken hostage by Brody, and refuses to cover up his actions, so Tess mindwarps her to forget. Amy was married to Maria's father when she was 17, but it never mentions what his name is.Showrunner Carina Adly Mac Kenzie revealed to EW that Nathan was actually supposed to be Michael, but that all changed fast.“He was very different from the Max that I imagined, to be honest,” she shared.I have done tons of research for my writing, gathering as many details as I could to make things as accurate as possible. We don't even know if Deluca was Amy's maiden or married name.I've decided to make a place to easily reference all of that info. If anyone has correct spellings, please let me know. I saw these character descriptions on the Fanlore History Wiki, and thought they were too funny so I had to share. In an early version of a script for 'Monsters', Amy says her name is Miss Deluca and she is a single mother, so probably she went back to her maiden name and the Delucas are her family.***If anyone has additional facts or characters, I'll be glad to add them and give you credit.*** All info is from season 1 & 2, except a few tidbits Season 3 is such a piece of crap, I'm not motivated to reference it, and I prefer to pretend it doesn't exist. Main characters: - Max, former king on home planet, really a lot of eyeliner (Did JB wear eyeliner? Amy is an ex-hippie who makes money in various ways, selling alien novelties and holistic remedies in her store, Deluca Alien Collectibles, selling homemade pies to the Crashdown, sponsoring the Alien Takedown at the Annual UFO Convention.I just thought it was his naturally lush eyelashes, but that could just be me.) - Isabel, his sister, really wears a lot of leather for a conservative family - Michael, Max's best friend, really special hair - Liz, really in love with Max - Maria, really a lot of lipstick - Alex, really just a nice guy - Kyle, really reluctant to be dragged into the whole alien business - Kyle's dad Sheriff Valenti, really curious about the aliens until he figured it out - Tess, used to be Max's wife on home planet (Ok, really? They didn't follow the pattern of the other descriptions and missed out on so many great opportunities! In the episode 'Heat Wave' it is revealed that she and Sheriff Valenti Jr. When Amy was 18 when Valenti arrested her for protesting demolition of a 200-year-old native American structure, because he thought she was cute. Amy mentions that she did crazy, stupid things with Maria's father when she was Maria's age (17).

Frankly, I don’t think that we would’ve gotten picked up if had we not made Max this layered, interesting, and darker character.

See here All of the info seems to match what we already know. When it is over, Brody doesn't remember what happened.

Greer in H), Senior Presidente (by Kyle in W), Deputy Dog (by Grant in S), Maxie (Rath in MTD) Romantic Relationships - Liz Parker     First kiss - on her balcony outside her room (HW)     First date - Senior Chow, dinner, playing pool & dancing (B) - Tess Harding     First kiss - outside the Crashdown in the rain (TL&V) Family - see family tree     Adoptive Father - Philip Evans     Adoptive Mother - Diane Evans     Sister - Isabel     Grandmother - no name given (LN) his father's mother, lives in Boston (M-CS)     Grandfather - no name given (LN)     Cousin - male - no name given (LN)     Birth Father - no name given     Birth Mother - no name given     Author - Steinbeck (EOTW)     Movies - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (CYN)     Food - Tacos (P), Pizza (MA), Vanilla Ice Cream (285S), his grandmothers' Molasses Cookies (M-CS), Alien Blast (LN), Men in Blackberry Pie, Chinese (B), Mexican (C), scrambled eggs and hash browns (ARCC), Hamburger, Onion Rings, Coke, Asteroid Pie (WAF)     Drink - Cherry Coke (285S), Orange Juice (W)     Dislikes - his mother's Frittata (W) This info is from the drivers licenses in VLV for Max Evans and Rob Roy. Larek stays on his own planet, and reaches out with his mind, taking control of Brody's mind and body.

Evans Green Bean Delight (ID) This info is from the drivers licenses in VLV for Michael Guerin and Dr. See here Some of the info is different, like his address.     he says hes an orphan, I say his favorite is Isabel 3.     art (the guy wouldnt know art unless it was in a comic book) 4.     The View (Liar), Win Ben Steins Money 5.     meeting Maria Deluca (whether he knows it or not) 7. (M) Isabel: Supermodel Topolsky: Where do you actually see yourself in 10 years? Maria: we could all be dead in 10 years Topolsky: Who are you in this picture? Alien connection     - he was abducted by aliens & they healed his 'incurable' cancer and returned him three days later       (Brody has no memory of this)     - during his 'abductions' he is used as a conduit for the alien Larek to 'visit' Earth In the episode "Ask Not" when Brody first comes to town and takes over ownership of the UFO Center, Max, Michael and Isabel believe he is an evil alien, because he is in possession of an alien device, which activates when Michael is near. A year to live and poof, it's gone." Brody was first abducted in 1993.

Love (by himself in VLV), the hormone (by Maria SHP about HOM), Satan (by Maria SHP about HOM) Romantic Relationships - Maria De Luca     First kiss - in the Crashdown Cafe (RD)     First time - in his apartment (TD) Courtney Banks     First kiss - outside her apartment (EOTW)     Their song - Hero of the Day by Metallica (according to Maria, SHP)     Watching Sports - Hockey (SH), Dirt Bike Races (MTD)     Food - Tacos (P), Chocolate Cake w/ tabasco (RD), Omelets (ID), Carrots (SH), Cherrios (SH), Mexican (C), Cheeseburgers (OTM), Chex Cereal (EOTW)     Drinks - Coke (EOTW), Cherry Coke (B), Milk (TL&V)     Movies - Braveheart (VLV), Matrix (CYN)     Dislikes - Mrs. What's the best thing that has ever happened to you?     Expires 5/27/2003     Date of Birth 5/27/1982     Address - 7632 Newton Ave Roswell, NM 88201     Height - 5' 9"     Eyes - Hazel Response to Topolsky's questions Topolsky: Dream Job? (M) Maria: like I have any skills Topolsky: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Whether he knew about Nasedo and his secret or not remains a mystery.

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