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The final nail in the coffin is that along with various story elements feeling like they have been plucked from various other inspirational movies so do the majority of the characters.I suppose with this type of high school movie you should expect to get the same sort of characters and in many ways this is acceptable, except that here the characters mainly feel 2 dimensional.I point the finger at the lack of gritty realism for this as we never really get to fully sympathise with any of the characters or their situations.

In scenes where you would expect a powerful presence, such as the motivational speech, it barely rises above a simmer.

In a scene where the school principle explains to Pierre that the pictures on the wall of her office are those who have died it lacks the impact that a moment like this needs, it feels emotionally empty which is wrong and should be charged up with power.

Which is actually a little surprising as elsewhere, especially in the final scenes, it uses every trick in the book to draw emotion from the audience in an obvious string pulling fashion.

On top of this I have to say the "Take the Lead" soundtrack is one of the most commercially entertaining I have heard for a while.

It takes many of those classic pieces you would associate with ballroom dancing and then mixing them too a hip-hop beat.

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