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On a different record, this argument might raise profound questions of privacy and personal identity.Here, the fatal flaw is that, in agreeing to cooperate with Defendants, Peruto expressly agreed in writing to allow them to record and use his voice.

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The computer data and digital files that Peruto seeks to replevy represent one form of information, stored by various methods, none of them emblematic of the content of the data.Defendants Roc Nation, Amazon Alternative, IPC Television, Josh Miller, Patrick Reardon, Eli Holzman, and Janet Kim are all involved in the production of the documentary.The focus of the series is rapper Robert Rihmeek Williams, better known as Meek Mill.Accordingly, I ordered the parties to agree upon an expert who could evaluate the authenticity of the recording.A team of two experts, Catalin Grigoras and Jeff Smith, has since confirmed that the recording is authentic.

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