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it scares the shit out of me when I am trying to enjoy my pornography at night, quietly. Do the people who created this site not understand just how fucking annoying this shit can be?

At first, I thought that this shit only happened to those who did not have an account here, but apparently, even if you fucking register, like I did, you will have to go through the same crap… Now, most of the videos here will be of HD or solid quality, really depends on the videos.

I just do not understand what the hell these lads are thinking about.

Now, one thing that really pissed me off here is the fact that you have to wait about 10 seconds before you can view any of the clips, and if you do not press play immediately after that time, you will have to wait another 10 seconds…

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Honestly, if you are a voyeur and you like to see what these naughty sluts are up to when they think nobody is watching, this is the perfect place for you.Of course, they will offer some naughty shit to get you addicted from the very beginning.You can choose to browse the shit randomly if you are as open-minded as me, but if you are one of those special people who prefer a certain category or some shit, then I have some rather bad news for you.Honestly, just by reading their name and what they wrote under their logo, you should already know what the fuck to expect.Not to be rude, but I am getting quite tired stating the obvious for you lads, so please try to use your brain for once.

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