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She was recently accused of leaking information to a gossip column about a hyper wife who suspected her husband of having a ‘glad eye’.The wife who happens to be a friend and a regular client of Maheka was apparently miffed about the attention her husband gave designer Priya Kataria Puri at a Paris wedding.Little wonder then that this seemingly biased accusation didn’t find too much support from even the trolls on twitter.In a Botox and filler obsessed society Farah Khan Ali comes across as refreshingly different.

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Shah was earlier married to Sumer Shah and then her bestie who had a sex change for her.

This time it seemed Reena would get third time lucky with Sanjay, an avid Polo player who even helped Reena set up her own Polo team.

Funnily, Maheka seems to have stirred a hornet’s nest for herself by re-establishing her connect with the gossip column.

Last hear, the suspicious wife’s husband was gunning for Maheka because she let the cat out of the bag again. Her marriage to Sanjay Jindal seems to have hit troubled waters within a few months.

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