Pearls before swine christian dating rules

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Jesus says it is a model for prayer, and in the verses previous, Jesus specifically commands us not to pray repetitiously, without meaning. Our Scripture text for this morning is also often misunderstood because it is separated from its context.It is also often misunderstood because even after we understand it in its context we can have a hard time putting it into practice. Harris 11/29/92; March 7, 1999 Our Holy Treasure Matthew 7:6 Introduction Many people are confused by what the Bible says.

In Matthew -34 Jesus tells us not to lay up for ourselves treasure on earth.

They made self righteous proclamations about how sinful other people were because the person had violated some aspect of the tradition.

At the same time they were self deceived about the greater sin of prideful self righteousness hanging around their own necks.

Jesus corrected them and made emphasized that their practice of unrighteous divorce lead to a proliferation of adultery. It is a great passage of the Bible to memorize and to recite, but when a people think they are praying to God simply because they are quoting it, then they are ignoring the context of the passage.

Therefore they do not correctly understand or apply what Jesus says about prayer.

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