Panty poop dating

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I wanted to keel over on the toilet, but then I literally would have face planted in my sh*t soaked panties.

My parents were at work, friends were scarce, and certain physical problems made driving home was out of the question.

I rushed to the bathroom and flushed my underwear down the toilet. On our last family ski trip, about a year-and-a-half ago, we went all the way to the top of the mountain for lunch, where I had mac and cheese and ate every last bite, not thinking anything of it.

To warm back up after lunch, my Dad decided to play "follow the leader" with the whole family before we separated.

As soon as I hit the first bump, I lost control and sh*t myself from the top of the run to the bottom.

But this time, the water penetrated every orifice in my entire (lower) body with full force.

I sh*t my pants right on the rock wall of one of those rock climbing gyms.

I took a "sportsman's chance" hoping it would just be a fart, but I lost that chance. Since college I've had a really weak stomach, but until last year I didn't know I was completely lactose intolerant.

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