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Only that which is attained through effortlessness will never be a burden to you, and only that which is not a burden can be eternal.Only that which is not in any way unnatural can remain with you forever and forever.Nature is vast, and all man created laws are narrow.They are like funnels – the more you move into them the narrower they become, and a moment comes of cul-de-sac, you cannot move anywhere, and the tunnel becomes your grave. […] …laws and regulations cannot protect you, they only give you a feeling of protection. The laws cannot make you secure, they only give a feeling of security which is false.Leave it for fools and mad people, you just stay out of it. Either you can have life, or you can be remembered in history.If you have life, you will be just an easy and simple man, doing simple and small things, and enjoying them.

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Instead, I have a schedule set out for me before I wake up, meaning my day is dead before I even open my eyes.

I want my work to leave a legacy so I slave over my computer every day, typing up a storm, like I’ve typed this review, and life quickly passes me by. If you cannot sleep, cannot relax, cannot let go, it shows you are living an uneasy life – you are after difficult things, impossible things.

If I were to take his advice, I would work just the minimum to satisfy my material needs, and then relax for most of the day.

You eat your food and you silently go to sleep without any dreams. History takes notice of people who are mad, obsessed with something, who create trouble in some way or the other.

And difficult is wrong, easy is right; be easy and don’t try to be in history.

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