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They knew these things about each other before they got married — because they had worked together.Standard dating, on the other hand, would have had them sharing activities that neither one enjoyed!It was lots of fun walking home from school with a bunch of girls sharing lively conversation — with nothing at risk.Dating, on the other hand, is just about the worst way to find out whether the other person will make a good spouse.

Orson Scott Card might be dating low key or may have a secret relationship with her partner, but no details have hit the web on her relationship.

In some wards, the boys and girls have been together since spitwads were being thrown during Primary. It's ridiculous when a single date means that to date someone else you have to "break up" with the first person.

Wise leaders will get this issue roped and tied in three seconds, by getting the young people together and saying, "In the outside world, 'dating' can mean you're doing everything short of moving in together, but inside the church, a date means nothing more than this: You agreed to go somewhere together, and then you did as you agreed." Dating wrecks friendships.

There are plenty of reasons why young men in a stake might not be asking out the young women.

Please notice that I'm not capitalizing those terms; by "young" I mean "younger than me and not yet married." Familiarity breeds contempt? Because I know an awful lot of married people who met at church. I think the secret is for a guy to find a girl who is enough years behind him that she was never in the same class, so they will have no memories of seeing each other at their silliest. We live in a malicious era, when asking someone out is only half a step from proposing marriage, and the gossips have a young couple permanently attached from the first date.

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