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I get compliments from many people all the time telling me how handsome I am.I had over 8 pictures I uploaded which were all non selfies where I looked very presentable.After a week of no responses I got a few requests from the website offering "guaranteed" responses for an extra a month.

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Now, after only a few messages I can pretty much tell they are a scammer. Well that was about 6 months ago and still hasn't been solved.Some men have very unreasonable expectations for themselves and think just because they have a ** they can call the shots. I canceled my account and decided to leave it behind me.Sorry guys, but you don't always deserve the hottest women. Many hot young women just want men with money to use them for their personal gain. I do not blame for this man's actions, but I received an email today saying that my account was hacked by another device.From my perspective, it works exactly the way a dating site is supposed an online dating site that gives you a lot of flexibility in choosing who you contact and a wide search criteria. I feel that I was too old for the bar scene, and the nature of my job made it difficult, if not impossible to meet someone to develop a relationship at work.

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